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3 Color Eye Look ("Yes, Please!" by ColourPop)

I know as much as the next guy how impossible it can get to wake up in the morning. On days when it becomes too much to leave your bed before the third snooze or on days when you just don't want to put that much effort into your makeup look, the three color eye shadow look is a perfect time saver that is easy to blend. In addition, no one will ever be able to tell you did this look so quickly and so effortlessly! Truly, an added bonus :0

This is a picture of the "Yes, Please!" palette by ColourPop. (Yes, there is a sticker of a duck on it, and please know that I put it on the palette to make it look more fun lol). Retailing for only $16 (A STEAL), it has 12 stunning colors in it that can make for a wide variety of eye shadow looks.

For today, I will be showing you how to make a simple, cute eyeshadow look using the colors "Full Zip", "Champs", and "Big Cocktails". These are the first three colors on the top row of the palette (so sorry for bad picture quality!).

After applying an eyeshadow primer (my favorite being the Morphe primer), cover your entire lid space with the color "Full Zip". It will give you a nice base to start the look. After applying it, you will be going into the color "Champs" and using from the middle of your eye to the outer corner, making sure to not put the color above the crease in your eye. If you can, try and make it just a little darker in the crease! After this, put a little of "Big Cocktails" in the outer corner of your eye and up to the crease. If there are any harsh lines or you think it's just not blended as much as you want, go back into "Full Zip" and use a brush to go over the entire eye to soften the colors and help them look more blended. It should take around 5 minutes and it will keep you looking cute for the rest of the day. Try it out! (And let me know what you think of the look :))

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