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My Skincare Routine (and why it's important to keep one)

Skincare: the always daunting but very important task that should be apart of everyone's life. Whether it be one or ten steps, having something in place to take care of your skin is essential. Taking care of your skin can prevent breakouts, keep your skin hydrated, and just overall make you feel better! Here are some of my tips to keeping you looking 17 when you're 70.

1) Moisturizer

For me, the most important part of my skincare routine is my moisturizer. Even if I skip every other step, I will ALWAYS put this on. Having dry skin means being on top of moisturizing! I don't want to have dry skin peeling off my face during the day and I certainly don't want my skin to be unhealthy. As featured in the video, I like to use the Egg Mellow Cream by Too Cool for School, which works really well for my skin and makes putting makeup on really easy. I never have dry patches as long as I keep this as a base before primer. Before I go to bed, however, I have been using the Water Sleeping Mask by LANEIGE, which works wonders and always lets me wake up with dewey looking skin.

2) Toner

An often forgotten step, toner is essential in balancing the pH levels in your skin. I've found that when I stop using toner, my breakouts become more often and more intense. I'd rather save myself the trouble that comes with pimples and just use my toner! In addition to clear skin, toner also gives my skin a healthy feel and helps clean and close pores. If anyone has large pores, I would recommend using toner regularly.

3) Eye Cream

I know that everyone will tell you to use eye cream. It's pretty self-explanatory. If you don't want wrinkles around your eyes, use eye cream. Something that is important to note is that it is never too early to use eye cream. Wrinkles are preventable, but once they are on your face, they are there to stay. That's why it's important to start using it early (I've already been using eye cream for a year, and I'm only 20). Even using a little eye cream around your lips can help prevent the lip wrinkles that occur in old age. Start early to keep a youthful looking face!

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